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We know bullying is a learned behavior. When you get bullied it is very likely that you become a bully yourself... or... you can be the change. No one understands the pain of bullying better than you so let's help someone else by choosing to be a friend. We love this video, than you Kenowa Hills High School!!

Some people you pick on may become famous... very famous!! Make friends with as many people you can and those who are different. Invite diversity because those diverse people are the ones who will be the movers and the shakers of the world... your future-self will thank you later if you have friends like this!

This video is mostly for bystanders witnessing bullying but as we know... bullying is a learned behavior. Remember when you learned it? It creates fear, anxiety, & lots of emotions no one should experience. Try to not inflict this pain onto another, instead be the one who stands up to other bullies!  See how it's done!!

Do bad words really make you feel bad? It can actually make you feel sick! Whether you're saying it or hearing it, the effect on our body is definitely not pleasant. But if you're the one first thinking it and then saying it, you're damaging your body twice as bad!! Watch this important video from Dr. Emoto and see how science can prove this point.  

This video has had over 175 million views since 3 years ago. We know you can relate to this because at some point you've been there too. It reveals, so beautifully, how it feels to be bullied but also inspires us to stay hopeful. "Hopeful" by Bars & Melody. 

Mrs. Mckinnon Bermingham explains that those who  repeatedly bully others, by the age of 8 years old, will most likely grow up to be the ones who will have criminal records!! Not the future you should be pursuing ... choose to be a friend starting today! Here's a few suggestions in how you can become part of the solution. 

Fighting physically can get very dangerous. Even if you think you're stronger & will win every fight, those you bully may get so frustrated & someday may bring a weapon to hurt you & everyone else! This has happened many times before & will continue to for as long as there's bullying. Do whatever it takes to calm yourself down and never get into a physical fight with another.

Sometimes all we see modeled to us and all we see around us is hurtful. This video shows the power of positive words... it feels good to make others happy. You will feel better as you see their faces light up... try it sometime!  Seeing what's good in other people and giving them a compliment is sure way to start building long lasting friendships. This video was done by Shea and has over 13 million views. 

"Hurt people, hurt other people".  We all experience pain from time to time but it's our responsibility to heal our wounds and make sure we don't pass that pain onto others. Being a good friend means you don't hurt, tease or make fun of them at any situation. If you do choose to do that, you may soon lose your friends and that will not benefit anyone. You can easily turn the situation around if you decide to be the change now! 

This video came out Dec. 11, 2017 and within 2 days had over a million views. You know bullying hurts. It may be fun for you for a short little while to get a quick laugh but the pain is very real and lasts a very long time for those you may bully. It takes a lot of strength to come out and talk about how people bully you and that's why we don't find too many videos like this. 

Respect and listen to know when you're making another person uncomfortable, feel hurt or crossing their boundaries. You need to immediately stop when you hear them say stop! This will help you build better relationships now and in your future.

The ones you bully, may have a disability that effects their social behavior. Be understanding of those who may not be as strong as you are. You may think it's fun for a little while to pick on them but the scars you're leaving them with can last for years to come. Be their friend. Protect them.

Meet Luka, the coolest kid in town!!!

​Learn the importance and benefits of being a friend to someone rather than teasing and picking on them. Those who are different may have many more challenges to overcome to be able to go through the daily routines of life. Be a friend. 

Lloyd thought he's just defending himself against a bully and then he turned into a bully!!!  There's fine line and we all need to be careful and make a conscious decision not to cross it.  Learn that years later, the guilt gets to stay with you and cause many other problems.  Think about your future... Stop while it's not too late.  

Picking on those who are different? You don't want to mess with this one!! Meet Lloyd Bachrach, A champion gymnast, a successful businessman... Have compassion for those who may have less than you do; they can do so much more than you think. Learn fro​m his strength and respect his dedication to be all that he can be.

​3 lessons to remember:

1.  Forgive. Forgive yourself, forgive your parents, and forgive those who have bullied you. Nobody's perfect and we all make mistakes. Parents make mistakes too just as much as children do.  Forgive yourself for any mistakes you have done in the past and do better from now on.

2.  Have compassion for those who are less fortunate than you are and try to be their friend and help them.  Helping people feels so much better that hurting them.  Try it once and you will feel the difference. Also have compassion for yourself. If you've been bullied before, you know how bad it hurts.  You need to make sure no one feels that pain. Now that you know better, choose to be better; choose to be a friend.

3.  Be more selfish!! Those kids you are picking on just because they are different are the people you may need the most in your future!  Einstein, Newton, Darwin, Thomas Jefferson, Bill Gates, Nikola Tesla, Mozart, Picasso, Dali, Walt Disney, Justin Timberlake, Jim Carrey, Steve Jobs ... all share a label: "DIFFERENT"!!! They were also given a diagnosis of Dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, Autism... but without them, we would not be the advanced society we are today.   


Bullying is a learned behavior!

The ones who bully have suffered the pain of bullying at some point at their lives... they have learned to bully from someone else, unfortunately sometimes from someone in their own family. It's very hard to learn the right way to resolve conflicts and deal with your own anger and frustrations when you've never been shown the right way to cope with them. But it's never too late to learn to be better and decide from now on that you will do better. 

Studies show that bullies are significantly more likely than others to fail at school and experience depression, violence, and crime. That is definitely not the future to look forward to. Also those who get bullied often, at some point will start to fight back and depending on the amount of the anger built up, they may end up hurting you, others, and themselves badly. 

Good news is that if you decide to change today, you can change your future and even become the example for those who bully you. =)