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When you witness physical bullying,  do not get physical with the bully because you can get hurt. Always keep in mind that there may even be a weapon involved. Tell the bully to "stop" or "knock if off" and be the voice for those who can't speak for themselves and take away the one getting bullied. Get help from an adult if you can. 

Even if you just stand by, say nothing or do nothing but watch bullying take place, you're helping the bully and so you become sort of a bully yourself! Always choose to be a friend to those who need a friend. With just one act of kindness you may save a life. We love this short movie about bullying.  

There's so much you can do to help your school and reduce bullying. Learn from Mrs. Kelly and Luka a few things you can do to take a proactive step in reducing bullying at your school and community. 

You want to have diverse friends and invite those who are different into your group... some of those loners who are getting picked on all the time can become famous... very famous!! Don't lose the opportunity to miss on having a fabulous friendship with a special person. 

Do bad words really make you feel bad? It can actually make you feel sick! Whether you're saying it or hearing it, the effect on our body is definitely not pleasant. Watch this important video from Dr. Emoto and see how science can prove this point. 

Stand up for homophobic and transphobic bullying. These people already have a hard time going through everyday life. Be a friend.

If Keaton had a friend, this would not happen. Imagine your words and your friendship can save anyone bullied ... please take them in if you can and take them away from the bullies. 

If you see a peer getting bullied and you hear them say "Stop", it's time for you to take them away from the bully. Once they are not alone, usually the bully walks away. Protect them by inviting them into your circle of friends and let them hang out with you all. That will provide the bully with less chances to bully them. 

Bullies hurt others because they are hurting themselves. There's a saying... "hurt people hurt other people!" This is very important to remember so you can be compassionate towards the bullies as well... they can use a good friend just as much as the ones who get bullied. 

As a bystander, watch out for those who have no friends and are always walking around school alone. They are the ones getting bullied. There are a lot of kids who are socially challenged and may not know how to find a friend. Be their friend or help them find a friend. Protect them.

Try to see what's good in people and give them a compliment!  When you make someone smile and bring joy into their lives, it makes you both feel really good and helps you connect with them. Your compliment may be the highlight of their day, so please don't hold back. This video was done by Shea and has over 13 million views!! 

When you witness bullying, even if you don't know that person very well, you can stop the bully by speaking up... more than 1/2 of bullying stops when someone stands up for the one getting bullied! Make sure you stay safe, approach the situation with as many of your friends as possible, and take away the one getting bullied.  

The smartest kindest kids we know so far! These 5 fifth graders noticed a lonely boy with learning disability getting bullied and decided to be a friend. Their friendship has changed the life of this boy and thanks to them, now he enjoys going to school. Watch out for children with disabilities as they get bullied so often. Invite them in your group and be a friend. 

If you see someone being bullied, don't be just a bystander! Be an up-stander and tell an adult.

What would you do if this happens in front of you? By just standing there and watching, you are providing the bully with the audience and attention he's looking for. Rally up your friends, step in and redirect the situation to something else... You can always get help from a trusted adult too.

​Meet Lloyd Bachrach ... A champion gymnast and a successful businessman. No matter how hard of a challenge he could be having, he never gave up. Learn from his strength and dedication to be all that he can be. Include a friend with special needs into your group and be a friend to these special people.

It is so hard to watch someone getting picked on... isn't it? The right thing to do is to be a friend and stand up for them.  Know that those who are different are the targets of bullying. Keep your eyes out for them.  Make sure they are never alone and get help if you need to. They can really use a friend like you.  

3 lessons to remember:

1.  You are hurting the situation if you encourage the bully to start picking on his victim, if you invite others to join in to cheer the bully, or just by standing in silence and watching the whole thing happen in front of your eyes. You may not realize it but being a silent audience might be exactly what the bully is craving for and will encourage his/her hurtful behavior. 

2.  If possible always rally up your friends to stand up together against bullying or ask for help from adults. Stay safe. You can help the situation if you step in and take away the bullied, discourage the bully, or redirect the situation to some other activity or subject.

3.  Don't fight the bully. Stay calm... and stay safe. You may make a joke or do something funny to grab their attention but never fight back. The main objective is to stay safe and keep everyone else safe as well if possible. If the situation seems volatile, walk a way and immediately inform an adult. 



You're not the bully and you're not the one being bullied... Great!! So why is it that you have such an important role in bullying? Because your reaction can either encourage or discourage the bully and therefore increase or decrease the amount of bullying that happens around you. Your response is hardly ever unbiased... whether you like it or not, you're either contributing to the problem or helping the solution. 

Bullying make school environment unsafe for EVERYONE. It effects bystanders negatively and directly as well by making you feel anxious about speaking up, afraid of being victimized, fearful of associating with the bullied or the bully, guilty for not helping and may even cause you a few health problems. The good news is that you can learn to make a huge difference!

Studies show more than 50% of bullying stops right away if a bystander steps in to help! Adults will always support you as well once you gain the courage to step forward.